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40m White Apartment in the Marais

I often complain about my bathroom sized kitchen and closet sized bathroom here in paris. However when I see a beautifully designed apartment that is also tiny and wildly functional it gives me courage.

A family of four and their dog live in this tiny, all-white apartment in the Marais. The space measures 40 meters squared, or about 431 square feet. Every imaginable place has concealed storage. Each living space has multiple uses: the living and dining room also serve as the master bedroom, complete with a Murphy bed.

Almost every item is hidden, including the fridge, to keep the clean, white design of the space as open as possible. The children, aged 8 and 11, sleep on a bunk bed and keep their toys in hidden cupboards. The dog is a big, black Labrador named Scott who photographs very well in the white apartment. The father, Cyril Aouizerate, lived in this space alone before having a family. He bravely turned it into a home for his family of four and a dog! Aouizerate says his home happily reminds him of an astronaut’s space ship. See more